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How to Care Child's Growth and Development

How to know the child's growth and development may have not been understood by some parents. Following the progress of the stage to the stages of baby development is very important for a mother. How to care child's growth and development, a mother should have a special record, that of motor and mental skills that should already have a child age appropriate developmental level.

Every child is unique and will not be exactly the same for the achievement of a motor and mental development.
But most of the children who are born without complications and without injury to the central nervous system, then the kids will have a different motor and mental development or less the same.

Achieving maximum success of the growth process is largely determined by the activity of the parents pass stimulation or stimulation in children, supported by health and nutritional conditions were good. A concern when dealing with mothers consult when their children for immunization at child health clinics.
When the midwife asked: "Mom son now can make a move and cleverness what?"

Child development is very important to monitor both physical growth, mental development and motor skills psychologically. There are a lot of guides that can be used. Ranging from newborns up through toddlerhood. If the delay monitoring is only realized when the children are older than 2 years, the efforts to catch up a little difficult but it can be done in consultation with health professionals.

There are a few things to know parents to observe the baby's growth development is by:

1. Regularly bring children to the IHC. IHC is not only in charge for immunization but also monitoring the development of the child. For children aged 0-12 months is required 4 times stimulation of early detection and intervention growth. Then for one year old child is done every 6 months.

2. Pay attention to instructions and guide the stages of child development

Growth and Development of baby's by age

0-1 months of age.

At this time the baby has not been so much activity, but the reflexes of his works, such as sucking, grasping, like touch and hug, surprise, heard the mother's father, learned of eye contact, crying when hungry, try tilting the body and moving his head to one one side when ditengkurapkan. What is needed at this age babies: babies often cuddle, cuddling, talking, singing songs and play music.

2 months of age.

Babies have learned while looking up ditengkurapkan, moving his head from side to side, to smile, chattering spontaneous, open finger hands, pay attention to moving objects and colorful, happy to communicate, show interest and visual contact to the face - a face that was often in nearby. At this age, babies need a loving glance visual contact from the father's mother, wants to be invited to talk and listen to the sound, if the mother wants to make contact and communicate visually can be done for example when feeding, bathing, and at any time when there is a chance. Fill out as many words of memory for future child fluent. Babies can also be trained to stomach in parental controls.

Age of 3 months.

At this age babies begin to control any gerakn done. He was trying to coordinate the whole body, and learn to record the face, the voice and the surrounding environment. The baby began to stare mother's father's face more clearly. The most amazing ability is able to smile back our baby. At this time the baby begins to beckon with a fascination with objects with eye movement, hands, feet. When the baby ditengkurapkan he could lift his head. Parents should continue to fill the empty space in the memory of your child by talking, communicating, singing songs, train the baby to grab the interest of colored objects we show, give the baby a chance to learn grasping the toy though is not maximized.

Age 4-6 Months.

Babies are able to turn themselves from tummy to his back, keeping head upright, grabbing objects, and imitating the sounds around him, smiling spontaneously when there are things that attracted him, grabbed a nearby object, grasping objects, throwing, rattle shaking, crying when ditingggalkan mother.

At the age of 7 -9 months:

At this age the parents should stimulate the baby to play peekaboo, learn to sit, hold small objects with thumb and forefinger, for example, providing a sprinkling of raisins in front of the baby and the baby was able menjumputnya with the index finger and thumb, not to hold it. Noise sound toy with sounds from hitting or banging two objects. Clapping hands, holding biscuits in his hand and was able to put the right into his mouth.

Entering the age of 12 months.

At this age, babies are expected to smoothly say simple words 4 or 6 words more, babies also begin pleased mirror, recognize faces and people nearby could call it an example of mama, papa, MAEM, expressed a desire misalnyan MAEM, pee and so on. emptied the drawer and pulled out the contents, the father reached into his pocket. Mimicking animal sounds and so on. Things to consider during the monitoring period of growth and development: When you get children who are late in achieving motor and mental progress during infancy should immediately consult with your healthcare provider, do not be left until late. Although the achievement of this stage is not the same every child, but there is a pattern which is used in the stages of early detection screening growth to be able to follow the child's age appropriate stages. Then when the children have started to actively learn to crawl, then stand up and climb help children to learn to walk. Gradually reduce the habit of holding too long and let the child in the stroller. Provide physical exercise as a sign of affection as well as exercise for the baby able to move the nerve also leg muscles, and his balance exercises

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