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Australia, Cigarettes Without the Logo and Colors

Health News: In smoking prevention efforts, many countries are going to act, one Australia. Australia became the first country in the world to require plain packaging for tobacco products. Since that time, the cigarettes without the logo and colors, banned tobacco companies featured in the packaging.

Instead, the cigarette packaging there would be adverse effects picture smoking, and anti-smoking messages. Cigarette companies just got a little place at the bottom of cigarette packs to write down the name and its variants.

Anne Jones, antismoking activities, revealed that plain packaging would eliminate personality traits. "With plain packaging and a massive health message, the image of cigarettes as glamorous product that will disappear," he said.

Prior to this, cigarette packaging is the only medium for tobacco companies to advertise itself. Since 1976, tobacco companies banned from advertising on television and radio Australia. Prohibition of advertisements in newspapers and magazines followed in 1989.

Cigarette companies are also prohibited from sponsoring sports and cultural events since 1992.

Regulation of plain packaging has long been a target of the Australian Government. The effort was led by Nicola Roxon, the health minister at the time, whose father, Jack, died of diseases caused by smoking when he was 10 years old.

Government "State Kangaroo" was also determined to reduce the number of smokers from 16 percent in 2007 to less than 10 percent by 2018.

In May 2011, the board issued a study on cancer Australia plain packaging on cigarette packs. The results of the study showed that packs big role to persuade teens to try smoking.

Australian Government's decision was opposition from the tobacco industry. Consortium of major tobacco companies, such as Philip Morris, Imperial Tobacco and British American Tobaco (BAT), come together to make a plan against the decision.

"Plain packaging has been misconstrued and it's not going to stop because the brand of cigarette smokers will still appear. Addition, the tobacco companies will also seek to remain competitive, partly by cutting prices," said Scott McIntyre, spokesman for BAT.

Besides Australia, the UK, France, Norway, India, and New Zealand are also planning to implement plain packaging cigarettes.

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