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Proof of Love Parents for Brain Children

It is the brain images of two children aged 3 years. Why is that one looks bigger than the other? The reason is the factor of attention and affection. Children with bigger brains gain the affection of a parent, while the small brain abandoned.The phenomenon of proof of love parents for brain children, a study has revealed parental affection.

As published in the journal the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition, a neuroscientist examined the brain was express the differences between them is staggering. Small brain on the right are so different, where many areas of the brain than the left one missing.

Children with right hemisphere is not likely to grow into a less intelligent, less empathetic, tend to be susceptible to addiction and crimes. Children with small brains also tend to be a burden on others and suffered mental and physical health problems are serious in the future.

What led to the development of two three-year olds brain is so different?

According to expert analysis, the main cause is the way they treated their parents. Maximum brain growth child always gets the attention and affection of his mother. While children with brain size shrank often neglected and abused. This explains why the difference in treatment was the brain child develop optimally, while other children are not.

Professor Allan Shore of the University of California Los Angeles United States to examine this issue states, the growth of brain cells is influenced by the interaction between the infant and primary caregiver in this case a mother. "The growth of the baby's brain cells require a positive interaction between the baby and the mother. Perkembagan cerebral circuits depends on it," he said.

Shore stresses, if a baby is not treated well in the first two years of life, the genes responsible for various aspects of brain function such as intelligence will not work and did not even exist.

This certainly raises concerns and implications that impinge on children whose parents ignored the two years of its life. The more severe the parents abandoned the child, then the real impact of the damage will appear.

Figure brain differences also raises fears of child abandonment cycle. Because their parents abandoned childhood brain development tend to have problems, so they tend to do the same in their children.

However, research in the U.S. indicates that this cycle can be broken. Requirement is necessary to have early treatment and support from family.

As reported page, this research is the first to show how changes in critical areas of the brain related to parenting children of a mother. Children who receive the full attention of the mother early in life tend to have brains the size of the hippocampus, which is greater. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that are important in regulating the function of learning, recall and response to stress.


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