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8 Reason it Took Couples Counseling Before Marriage

Preparations for the wedding, in addition to providing a variety of needs weddings, the bride and groom also need to schedule and pre-marriage consultation sessions. Wedding consultations are also important, there is 8 reason it took couples counseling before marriage.

Tango Your Site to collect expert opinion about this premarital counseling. Eighty percent of experts agree that couples who have premarital counseling are less likely to divorce. Experts say pre-marital counseling is also able to strengthen the couple's relationship after marriage.
Here are 8 reasons why couples need premarital counseling, according to relationship expert like Sue Benskey, Daniel Faust, as well as psychologist Dr. Jed Diamond.

1. Had the foresight.
Dr Diamond said, when the pair fell in love, most do not think about what will happen in the future. They focus on what happened and experienced. Enjoy the feelings of falling in love. In fact, by talking about what will happen in the next relationship, before marriage, you and your partner will be more prepared to deal with misunderstandings in the future.

2. More focused.
According to Dr. Diamond, a couple who have a good knowledge of the marriage will benefit in the future. They will be able to live a better relationship, in five, 10, 20, 40 years.

3. There is no marriage that is not vulnerable.
Anyone need advice and counsel, not to mention an experienced marriage counselor 40 years as Dr. Diamond. If he still feel the need for advice and input from others, especially lay people who have no knowledge of the relationship.

4. Better than post-marriage counseling.
Once you are married and your spouse find a mismatch, then decided to divorce. Previously you pass through stages of marriage counseling. This possibility can be minimized if you and your partner have first past the stages of consultation before entering marriage.

5. Financial review with a more purposeful.
Financial issues is crucial that couples need to be discussed before marriage. What is the condition also financial planning in the past, present and future. Budget, saving and spending importantly discussed before marriage. The goal is that, the issue is not financially damage the relationship of married couples. This is the importance of the guidance counselor because not easy to discuss financial issues were alone without a chaperone.

6.Reducing the risk of divorce.
Studies in 2006 by Stanley and Amato, noted couples who undergo premarital counseling, divorce is less likely (31 percent). Faust said that premarital counseling reduces divorce risk of 50 percent to 20 percent.

7.  Improve marital satisfaction.
Premarital counseling helps couples communicate also identify their concerns, desires, beliefs, values​​, dreams, needs and other living expenses are mostly avoided or ignored.

Faust said, it empowers couples premarital counseling to discuss the source of marriage problems before they get to pursue this relationship. This helps improve the stability of marriage, togetherness and trust. So the married couples able to get through tough times, every day in married life.

8. Having the ability to resolve conflict.
Once again, a healthy relationship begins with good communication. Matter what happens in the pairwise relations, including marriage stem from communication problems. In addition to the low ability of couples seeking solutions to problems and resolve conflicts. You and your partner can learn how to communicate better and improve the capacity to resolve conflict, before marriage through premarital counseling.

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