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Story of Inspiration Run a Marathon

An inspirational motivation in life beautiful. Once when life was hard daningin despair, many reasons why life feels heavy. Call it a story of inspiration run a marathon. For the full burden of the spirit of life.

Feels the same as when the tumultuous life challenges. Imagining the problem, and how long has battled the problem alone makes you tired. Wanted to quickly finish the heck all the problems and you become the winner. But, what if the problem can be completely through it just yet. How to reach the final, when his run just yet?

I'm going to start running,

when I heard the sound of a gun being fired.

I'm going to start running,

approximately 5 miles away.

Feeling fine,

I'll keep running,

up to a distance of 10 miles can be exceeded.

And up at a distance of 10 miles later,

I would say,

"Ah, just three miles."

Up in distance of 13.1 miles,

I knew I had to reach a distance of 15 miles.

And when the 15-mile distance is exceeded,

I would say,

"You almost reached 20 miles, do not ever stop."

At a distance of 20 miles,

I would say,

"Hurry up, do not stop ... ran home"

As translated from the poem Strategy for a Marathon, Marnie Mueller

So so, when all the struggle was hard. All you need to do is keep running, and encourage yourself that your goal is near. A little more, and a little longer, the trophy that will be in your hands.

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