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Apparently Grapefruit Orange Can Helpful Absorption Medicines

There is a way that absorption properties of medicine in body tissues more leverage. Apparently Grapefruit orange can helpful absorption medicines.
Grapefruit can inhibit the enzyme in the intestinal wall that slow the entry of the drug into the bloodstream. Consumption of grapefruit with medicines for cholesterol (statins), psychiatry (valium, zoloft), pain reduction (methadone), and cancer drug (sirolimus / rapamycin) causes the drug gets into the bloodstream faster so be poison in the body of the patient.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM), the United States, finding the positive side of grapefruit. Consumption of citrus fruits can reduce the dose of sirolimus to minimize the side effects of drugs.

The study, reported in the journal Clinical Cancer Research and quoted by LiveScience, Tuesday (7/8) and then, led by cancer expert UCM, Ezra Cohen. The study involved 138 cancer patients were divided into three groups.
The result, which only needs to take sirolimus dose 90 mg per week. Who drank grapefruit juice only need 25-35 mg of sirolimus per week. Sirolimus and ketoconazole groups need 16 mg of sirolimus per week. However, grapefruit juice is recommended because it is natural and inexpensive

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