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Some Questions About Baldness in Men

An older man, probably could find a bald head. The continued thinning hair due to hair loss can make it look older. In fact, 37 percent of men begin to go bald at the age of 34 years and about 45 percent at age 45. The cause of baldness there are several things, one of which is stress and heredity.
Robert M Bernstein, professor of dermatology at Columbia University, will answer some questions about baldness in men. Hopefully this information can help prevent balding hair.

1. Often wears a hat made ​​of hair loss?
Quite a lot of men who think often wearing a hat will make your scalp can not breathe. The fact is that the hair follicles get oxygen from the blood circulation, rather than by air. Another myth that circulated the baldness gene comes from the maternal lineage, but despite his mother's side was a strong factor, baldness can also be derived from the father.

2. Can a shampoo or conditioner to prevent hair loss?
Shampoo or hair care products generally will make the hair look more volume so that the hair look thicker. However, these products are less effective slow down the loss. Research has shown that minoxidil and finasteride, a chemical found in some hair care products, is quite effective nourish the hair roots.

3. Is it true that a strict diet can make your hair loss?
A strict diet that is too eager at times will make the body so that the protein deficiency affects the strength of hair. Severe stressful events, such as divorced or widowed people dearest, can also cause hair thinning. However, this condition usually only occurs temporarily. When the stress has been fixed, hair loss will stop.

4. How much hair loss is normal?
Do not panic if you find a hair in the bathroom exhaust filter or on a comb. Lose 50-100 hairs per day is considered normal. It is not how much hair compared to more than 100,000 hairs on your head.

5. Women do not like bald men?
In a survey revealed men's lifestyle site, most women think all men are bald men more attractive than a bald half. However, in general, according to respondents, the more important is not the baldness, but how does he treat him.

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