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How to Choose The Right Diamond

How to choose the right diamond is very important for people who like a diamond trinkets in ornament fashion beauty, especially women. Diamond jewelry is a luxury category, and the price is quite expensive. The selection of designs and models of diamond also depends on the purpose they were when bought. For the fashion-oriented, have a different taste with diamond lovers who buy for investment.

In general, the diamond lovers choose diamond they want. most of the investment to buy more diamonds. As a result, models and designs selected diamonds also tend to value, not just pay attention to a fashionable design. Even so, there are a number of diamond jewelry designs are simple but well worth the high investment.

How to choose a diamond
Understanding of important diamonds controlled by choosing not to get caught up in compulsive shopping, especially if you just joined the trend. Plus, today more and more manufacturers are offering diamond jewelry at affordable prices, and marketed through the office. You can get a diamond with a budget of $1000, but what kind of quality, these need to be observed before spending any money in that amount.

Factor 4C (Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut) is an important factor that must be understood before purchasing a diamond. If you want to buy diamonds for investment, to optimize the return you should select a minimum of three-carat diamond. While if you want to have a diamond to the needs and the appearance or fashion jewelry, diamond 0.3 carat could be an option.

The color of the highest level, D, to Z is also worth considering, especially if the aim is to invest. Diamonds are said to have high quality if the color is not lower than the color of G. This means that the diamond with D color level up to G, is still fairly high quality. To determine the quality of the diamond clarity of color as well, the certificate becomes its reference. If you intend to buy a diamond, make sure you come to a store that provides an international standard certificate Gemological Institute of America or GIA (assessment agency in the world's leading diamond). Of this certificate is also likely you can get a guarantee of quality diamonds in sufficient detail, especially the last factor 4C. Way of cutting diamonds also affect the quality, especially from the reflected light beam or diamond jewelry.

Besides the standard 4C and certificates, when choosing a diamond watch also on price. Always ask Rapaport diamond at the store, because ordinary people do not know the price of diamonds, Rapaport which is the benchmark price is calculated per carat.

By understanding the diamond and its value, you can maximize the money or the budget you have to collect diamonds jewelry. That way, you do not spend any money for a valuable diamond was not worth the amount of money you allocate.
It is possible how to choose the right diamond can be to add insight of the diamond.

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