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Know About Fashions Tips for Body Fat

Have body fat is a problem for everyone, because it feels appear less attractive. For some women, to look fashionable is a priority. In the dress to express themselves, especially in the mix and match clothes that fit the body shape and size. But if the body is rather fat, try to know about fashions tips for body fat.

Clothing for body fat

* Dress length below the knee and dark, like a dark blue or black, is the best way to look hide the excess fat in certain parts.
* Choosing the right length skirt can make you look slimmer as well as covering a large calf.
* Wear a V-neck t-shirt models in order to give effect to elongate the neck and make the body look slimmer.
* Should avoid clothes with high collars, especially if you are short-necked.
* Note the pattern or motif shirt. Use of the wrong motives will only make you look even fat.
* Use the clothes which have thin vertical stripes. For example, in pants, shirts, skirts, or dresses. This motif can create the effect of a longer body and slender. In contrast to the horizontal line pattern or flat side will give the impression of "width".
* Wear fitted clothing, do not be narrow or too loose. Clothes that are too narrow will certainly make you less comfortable to wear, but it is also unsightly. Clothes that are too big, it will make you look "sunk".
* For office wear, try colors like, dark blue, black, beige, and white. Or you can also wear cotton clothes with fresh colors like peach colors, pastel colors, and so on. This will create a soft and classic look. Choose clothes with small motifs, such as small flowers.
* Clothing with dark ground could be a practical choice and look pretty. Blouse with a dark brown rust color effect gives the appearance of a bright and warm.
* Avoid shiny fabrics or coarse textured material. Glossy fabric can reflect light, so that any area will appear larger. While the fabric with a rough texture, it will only make you look fatter.

Shoes, bags, accessories for body fat

* Avoid the use of strappy sandals that tied at the ankles, because it will make your legs look bigger.
* Choose a bag with size proportional. Petite woman look sexy with smaller bags, while large women would look better with a medium sized bag.
* The use of the watch should be considered. Medium-sized watches will look good for women contains.
* Choose shoes that are comfortable and fit the shape of the body. Customize your feet and your height. If the height is not proportional to weight, choose shoes or sandals with wedges models. Platform shoes can be a solution, you will look beautiful and attractive as well as providing a high effect.
* Tie a small waist more suitable for those who are obese, or use colors that match the dress if you must use a belt width.
* If you are tall and fat, you should use a jewelry or accessories with great size. For example, if you want to wear a bracelet or necklace, try to wear a single bracelet or necklace with a slightly large size.

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