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Red Wine Can Prevent of Cholesterol Compound

Often people do not know about the cholesterol in the body that would be a danger. Because unconsciously no cholesterol fighting foods, this time it is a drink that get rid of cholesterol. According to scientists, drinking red wine can prevent of cholesterol compounds that result from eating red meat.

As quoted by The Telegraph, hazardous compounds from red meat in the bloodstream can create "bad" cholesterol that damages the blood vessels and increase the risk of heart disease.

Meat causes cholesterol

The researchers showed that the anti-oxidants in red wine known as polyphenols can prevent the presence of these compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream, where it can cause damage, according to the Journal of Functional Foods.

Ron Kohen, professor of the Institute of Drug Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, saying this could help explain why red wine is often found to reduce the risk of heart disease.

"Meat is known to be rich in polyunsaturated fats and cholesterol. Our results may provide an explanation for the association between frequent consumption of meat and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Consuming polyphenol-rich food products as part of the diet significantly reduced the harmful effects, "said Kohen.

Red Wine to Get Ride cholesterol

For 4 days, the researchers fed a group of healthy volunteers with a range of foods from dark turkey meat pieces and told to avoid meat and fish. Then, some of them repeat the 4 day diet program, each with eating turkey equivalent to a glass of red wine.

The results showed that when the volunteers ate meat only, they have elevated levels of a compound known as malondialdehyde in their bloodstream. They also showed a greater level of cholesterol that has been modified by malondialdehyde in their blood.

After four days of eating meat, modified cholesterol levels increased by 97 percent. It is estimated that the modified cholesterol is responsible for the hardening of the arteries and the making of plaques that cause heart disease.

When they eat turkey with red wine, although modified cholesterol levels did not change, but it could be down in some cases

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