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Effectiveness of Eating in Small Portions for Diet

Implementation of mandatory course weight loss diet. Of the various methods of diet has ever offered, diet by eating small amounts of food seems to be more popular. How is the effectiveness of eating in small portions for diet, with regular exercise offset.

Evidence of the success of a small portion of the diet, making food products weight loss is not sold in the market. According to researchers from market research firm Mintel, the high price of food products diet, and the growing doubts about the facts about weight loss, diet food market has caused a hiccup.

As many as three out of four people do judge a weight loss food prices are too high, according to a survey from Mintel. Half of them said that they no longer trust the diet because of the artificial sweetener content in the raw material.

Consumers now look more intelligent in choosing, proved they tend to eat healthy natural foods in small portions and balance it with exercise to lose weight.

Last year, 63 percent of British women trying to lose weight, but the number of people who utilize the special diet foods and beverages fell from 21 percent in 2008 to 19 percent today.

"The problem of market diet products and weight control can not be attributed to reduced consumer interest in losing weight; quite the contrary," said Emma Clifford, a spokesman for Mintel.

To regain the trust of consumers and compete with a natural low-calorie foods, according to Clifford, the producers required to offer greater transparency to consumers about the raw materials used in food products diet and what makes it a diet food.

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