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Why Sweet Drinks are Considered Dangerous?

Why sweet drinks are considered dangerous? Actually, the sugar would be harmful if consumed in excess. Latest studies reveal the dangers of high sugar drinks consumption not only boost the body's weight but to mess up the body's metabolic system in just over a month. Your regular soft drink consumption can alter the body's ability to process fat metabolism.

Our bodies have the ability to make its cells regenerate. Replace damaged cells with new ones. If you are fond of the consumption of soft drinks high in sugar, the body's muscles will be more like their sugar as a fuel instead of fat. The bottom line of fat that should be automatic muscle fuel will not burn. Well, no wonder no fat burning body weight not only increases, more of it you will have difficulty in trying to reduce them. The danger is if it lasts longer in the long term will increase blood glucose levels that lead to diabetes.

Dr Hans-Peter Cabbage, of Bangor University, UK said: "Our study proves our concern has been about the ill effects of soft drink that's true."

"The study proved that the muscles of the body has the ability to recognize and be more like sugar sugar as fuel instead of fat. With so will dull the body's tolerance for sugar. Well, your efforts in reducing body fat becomes difficult, plus the rise in blood sugar levels rise sharp. "

These factors suggest that regular soft drink mengasup gradually changes the body's metabolism of sugar and fat. Metabolism that happens to be similar to those found in people with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The study of 11 people in their twenties who were respondents, blood and muscle tissue was analyzed before and after they completed the study. The result after a month, an important gene and protein are useful for the metabolism of fat and sugar have the genes for sugar metabolism perubahan.Ternyata become dysfunctional. As a result the increase of fat and blood sugar.

"The fact that we found is not the only sugar which causes weight increased, but the more terrible the way the body stores sugar in greater amounts than required. These results apply to all types of soft drinks with high sugar content, including fruit juice."

"It was a small study because it is difficult to find young people who had never been exposed to a lot of soft drinks and are willing to undergo a muscle biopsy. Today we hope to do a larger study with more respondents, and the period is longer. "

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