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Many Women Who Experience Early Menopause

Granted that parents, older women experiencing menopause. The new invention was menopause experienced women who have not the time. The problem menopause is one of lowering  passion sexual intercourse  in women. Sure enough about many women who experience early menopause are declared Dr Nick Panay.

"Early menopause is increasingly common," said Nick Panay, head of the British Menopause Society. First, premature menopause affects about 1 percent of women. But a study conducted by researchers from Imperial College London found that approximately 6 percent (1 of 16) of women experience it.

One of them is Amanda Warne. At the age of 21 years, women who are aware of the active exercise of his periods started coming irregular. Doctors blamed too much stress and excessive exercise as a cause of delayed menstruation.
Several years later she came to the doctor more frequently with a variety of complaints, partly because of unstable emotions and depression. Doctors then perform blood tests to look at hormone levels. Eventually a doctor diagnosed suffering from premature menopause.

"I really do not believe, at that time I was enjoying the school term and serious relationship with a man," she said.

Amanda then began to experience a variety of symptoms that commonly affects post-menopausal women, such as hot flashes, depression, and fatigue easily.

Causes of early menopause
The experts explain the early menopause or premature ovarian failure (POF), occurs when the ovaries stop working before the 40-year-old woman, although there is also an expert which mentioned the number 45.

Not really clear what causes the condition. Some experts blamed the lifestyle as a trigger. The experts from Imprial College found a link between smoking and early menopause.
Another study published in 2011 showed a link between early menopause with PFCs, a chemical found in nonstick pans and food packaging. High levels of PFCs in the blood associated with lower levels of the hormone estrogen.

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